See the Aimtek we​b site​ for more details.

Welding and Brazing Alloys

ElevAero are proud to represent our US welding and brazing fuller metal supply partner AIMTEK Inc.

From them we can supply:-

  • Precision spooled wire / cut length wire
  • Braze foil and tape
  • Braze powders and paste
  • Braze rings and preforms
  • Test coupons
  • Flux and brazing aids
  • Custom labelling, identification and packaging

AIMTEK Inc. hold the following approvals:- ISO9001 / AS9100 / Rolls Royce / Pratt & Whitney LCS / GE / Honeywell / UTC


Our unique offering allows customers to either purchase welding alloys from ElevAero or directly from AIMTEK Inc in Boston USA. ​ElevAero are the UK's only authorised distributor and we can support UK customers with added value solutions / vendor managed inventory.

Latest News

In March 2019 ElevAero created a new manufacturing business in Birmingham.

ElevAero Precision Manufacturing Ltd is 75% owned by ElevAero Ltd with the other 25% owned by the Director and General Manager of the facility, Toby Forrester.

Previously trading as Davis Engineering Ltd, the facility focusses on low volume, high complexity CNC machining and specialising in tooling manufacture.

Capabilities include Wire Erosion, Jig Boring, CNC turning, CNC Milling, Surface and Universal Grinding.