Engine Blades and Vanes

Elevaero have high quality proven low cost supply partners for the manufacture of engine blades and vanes.  We can supply blades made from forgings or billet and we will deliver significant savings to our customers!

Full inspection reports using our Asian and India CMM facilities ensure that our products fully meet our customer's drawing requirements.

Latest News

In March 2019 ElevAero created a new manufacturing business in Birmingham.

ElevAero Precision Manufacturing Ltd is 75% owned by ElevAero Ltd with the other 25% owned by the Director and General Manager of the facility, Toby Forrester.

Previously trading as Davis Engineering Ltd, the facility focusses on low volume, high complexity CNC machining and specialising in tooling manufacture.

Capabilities include Wire Erosion, Jig Boring, CNC turning, CNC Milling, Surface and Universal Grinding.